i like cats. more than dogs. a lot more than dogs. cats are independent. some see this as moody, because a dangling piece of fish doesn´t sway their affections. but i see it as sincerity. if they don´t like you no amount of kibbles and bits or meow mix will change their mind. determined. yeah…i like cats.

only, they are a little sneaky. in that free way they have of roaming that i model pieces of my own life after, i see the downside too. if you don´t want them on your bed…too bad. don´t want them on the counter breathing on your food…better put it in a drawer or cabinet so they don´t wander over when they feel like.

and if you DON´T want them pissing on your backpack…well you should know better than to put it anywhere short of a bank vault!

alas, i think the hostle (not hostile…although maybe that too) cat peed on my backpack.

some would argue that if it did i would know, no questions asked. i have a friend who had a shirt peed on and spent the morning in church thinking some other poor schlep stunk to high heaven when really it was her, but i´m not as certain.

what i know is that my pack seemed damp in a spot…not unusual in the recent bout of humidity up here in peten…and that i smelled somethign not quite april fresh…not unusual given that i´ve been traveling for a month and only have 3 1/2 sets of clothes (yes i do wash them)…even so, i can´t get the image of my family´s dog sniffing me over and over again because my stuff smelled like puppies from wednesday, and now this…i can see the cat sniffing my other dog and deciding she like her scent better.

regardless…i´m headed home. the end of my trip less triumphant than the rest as i have been felled by bad food. not the food my family prepared for me all this time, or the food on the side of the road that i can´t help myself from buying for cheap and eating in the quickness…but the $10 meal i bought on my last night here (it may not seem like much but by guatemalan standards that is a pricey meal!).

so pray to the bathroom gods please…and get me home soon…

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