i wouldn´t recommend spraying deet into your left eye. i just wouldn´t. never mind the lable that says the same thing…i´m speaking from experience.

my new hotel room was a little sketchier than i anticpated. i had bedbugs…at least i think they were bedbugs. they were definitely bugs. and while i´ve slept wih bedbugs before, they aren´t my choice especially when spending $10 a night on a room…so i debated but finally relented and told management.

he assured me they weren´t bedbugs…just bugs. i smiled and felt better and prepared to spray my insect repellent on my sheets just in case. of course, in my enthusiasm i sprayed both my pillow and my eye.

both for naught. the manage came back with a new key for a new room. 2 bed, more room and  a…and a beautiful television set complete with cable (read shows aired in english sometimes). so i blinded myself for no reason.

but i gotta confess, as far as bedbugs, or any bugs go, those little guys are my favorite…they got me the little respite i was looking for… hot water to wash my hair in and a tv to lounge around watching and ideling a sunday morning away with.

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3 Comments on deet not eyedrops

  1. AJ says:

    lol…love the stuff u write, yes deet is a beast! but hooray for hot water! 😀

  2. Fishbone says:

    Mi amigo, todas sus entradas harían un gran libro..

    …WHAT, I'm just sayin!

  3. [deleted] says:

    You a definitely related to Ladawn. This is too Funny!

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