today i smiled at people again. not the smile i paste up because i don’t want them to see me looking sad when they already have so much to deal with…but the real smile. anyone who knows me knows the one i’m referring to…all 187 teeth (big as they are) exposed to the whole world. and when i joked i was joking with them because i was lighter than i’ve been in quite a few weeks.

now i’m torn – does my new found lightheartedness mean i should extend and try to offer this up to more folks for a longer period of time, or is my excitement because i’m homebound in 3  days.

funny, there is a country song called 3 days…”i got three days to wash the road out my soul, i got three days to love you out of control and i wish i had a life time to love you this way – loving you freely for just three days…” or something like that. but i digress.

i also got good news that i should be able to buy a sim card to go into my grandfather’s phone for $25 bucks…my same number and everything. so send in those numbers so i can input you into my new phone once i get home.

i wish i had something more profound to say…i could go there but it would make me sad so i’ll stick with my happy day, be contented that some $2000 checks seem to be trickling down from fema (federal employees missing in action!), and counting down the last two work days i have left here.

by the way – i found a place…rather my friend directed me toward a place…in guatemala for spanish. i think it is a go and now all i’m looking for is a reasonable ticket there. four weeks (maybe 5) in guatemala and i should have a solid grasp on spanish…and a renewed outlook on life in general.


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3 Comments on a smile

  1. AJ says:

    nice entry! i LOVED the FEMA joke…highly hee larry ous!!! but the guatemala thing will be very beneficial to u…well frontiedr airlines dont fly there so i cant help u on that one, sorry. yes i seen the all teethes smile b4 on many occasions…especially at church. well when u get ya SIM card u can put me in if u wish:

    Arthur Johnson, Jr
    281-903-1217 house number

    cell wont come until after the new year.

    and my birthday was very beautiful and fun, with that said i met a few beauties last night (SMILE) and i am having a mild hangover…but hey how many times u have a 30th birthday party? that will be enough drinking for long time…have to cleanse the system out.

    and thanks again for the birthday wishes i appreciate the LOVE!!!


  2. Fishbone says:

    713-679-3563 hope to hear from you before you make to Guatemala.

  3. Tiara E says:

    It was wonderful to feel that oh-so-big smile in your writing. Call me: 214 802-8263.

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