it is official, i’m not just in the background but i will also be in the forefront of the school of public health and tropical medicine’s vagina monologues. i am doing this year’s spotlight piece as well as a smaller piece in the middle. in addition to that i’m also responsible for press and designing t-shirts.

that is where you come in.

i need any euphemisms or foreign words for vagina. as many as you can think of. i’ll post the design when it is through, but for now…vajayjay, pocketbook, punani or any other word you can think of will be most useful to me.

thanks in advance.

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  1. T.Marie says:

    Don't know if you still need these. But here you go:
    Nookie. Pootie. Kitty or Kitty Cat. C-U-Next-Tuesday. Honey Pot. Beaver. Snatch. Twat.

    I do this all day at work when writing about sex offenses, turning the crass into the mundane. There's so much we can't write, because of the sensitive eyes that might read the paper.

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