one of the things i adored about zed was the abundance of water. i could be almost anywhere in auckland and see the ocean. in all reality, zed is so narrow that you can be almost anywhere and be a reasonable distance from the ocean. something about seeing that green blue water sparkling, its color adopting nuances based on the weather…most beautiful under a clear sky.

today, while looking out of the 12 floor window of my class i caught a glimpse of water here…but it is different. i can’t quite see the lake from here, but i can see the river. it isn’t green or blue. it also isn’t studded with sailboats enjoying the breeze. it doesn’t offer me the same sense of peace that zed water did.

of course zed water never took over my street and left its mark throughout the city – muddy brown sludge to remember it by…water is water is water…but sometimes it isn’t.

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