my pity…my empathy…is on reserve.

the “oncoming mack truck” stare of the betrayed wife may make a great photo opportunity but my heart breaks for the females not caught in rapid fire flash.

the daughters.

spitzer may have cheated on his wife but his daughters lost more than devotion.

i don’t know his three teenage daughters. i am amazed at the seeming restraint of the media for not adding their, what i can only imagine as grief-stricken faces, to the front page of newspapers all over the country. instead i am left heavy with sadness on their behalf.

my father is the epitome of man for me. he represents what i base my idea of male strength and compassion on, my example of husband and partner. i know my dad isn’t perfect, that has never been my expectation, but he is a good man and a wonderful father.

i can’t imagine the devastation spitzer’s daughters are facing (mirror images of chelsea clinton in the wake of the cigar scandal). i can’t imagine how the edges of their world must have thinned and blurred and come apart at the seams. the personal betrayal, the reassessment of what is true, a distorted vision of man.

parents can’t be blamed for everything… aren’t responsible for all things…but i can’t help but grieve for three daughters whose first vision of man/father/husband has been shattered not in the privacy of their home but on a national stage.

i pray they know grace and can extend it without damage to the fragility of the image of daddy – as daddy becomes merely a man

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