When I was an undergraduate there was no question…no way was I gonna go through four years of school and not walk across the stage for everyone to see. My whole family made the drive cross country to see it. Fifteen people, including three octogenarians, wedged themselves into three different vehicles to watch a bad speech and my 2 seconds of fame.

After that I vowed that school and I would never cross paths again but here I am after all…a semester away from graduation with the graduation application in hand and trying to decide…

Will I walk?

Before the hurricane I said I wasn’t going to go to graduation. But even as I said it was pretty sure I would – with a little prodding from my folks. But now, with an extra year of classes in Auckland and all my friends already graduated, I am seriously wondering if walking is worth it.

Should I go to my graduation? thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated

should i go to graduation?




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  1. Ess says:

    I know it seems overdue and the guys you started with have already graduated…still… graduation helps to give some form of closure to the being a student thingy. If you are in town and dont have to be anywhere more important(?) on that day, wouldnt hurt to attend. Doesnt have to be a big deal like your first degree but to not attend just cos…
    Walk baby, walk.

  2. [deleted] says:

    I concur, walk. I wasn't going to walk after I got my MBA…but it meant a lot to my mom…so reluctantly I walked. But after I did it, it was as if I had finally made it. It was closure. It felt good.

  3. Shana Zahra says:

    I wasn't going to walk after finishing at TC, because I had finished a semester earlier, I was just coming back from a weekend in Cali, no family to attend, no desire to spend money on a cap and gown, but then I happened to get home from the airport, and my roommate had just walked in the morning ceremony and said that I could make the afternoon one and I could borrow her cap and gown. I ended up hopping in a cab, racing over, and finding one of my good friends who let me cut in line so he and I could be together. I had a great time and in the end, was glad I was a part of the ceremony for ceremony's sake. Just writing about this now, reflecting back to the time, brings a smile to my face. I think you should if it's possible.

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