since katrina, the population of new orleans has shrunk almost in half. at the same time, the number of reported cases of domestic violence have increased by 50%.


that’s not the actual number of cases, just those that spoke up, sought help, got asked and were able to answer the question. that doesn’t speak of all those that didn’t…that couldn’t.

in the midst of such dire numbers, there is only one completely non-profit, 24-hour women and children’s shelter in the five parish area. one.

our presentations of the VM is raising money to donate to that shelter. we need help. we’re selling half page ads in our program for $100. i realize that your business probably doesn’t reach that far east, but if you or some friends, or strangers want to donate anything to a worthy cause…trust me it is well needed and will be well received.

t-shirts and other sundry items will be on sale soon as well.

v is for victory and vanity and yes, vaginas…it should never be about violence.

because i’m doing the vagina monologues on march 2 and march 3,

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