it is beautiful…the landscape…they sky…how all the buildings face the lake.

the streets are steep. this is the rainy season and walking for us gringos poses a unique challenge that seems to escape the locals. they navigate with ease while we are clumsy and self conscious.

spanish is coming along. my thoughts are still very much english but i understand far more than i anticipated. here i have been removed from spanish at length and now i am surrounded by it.

i met an rpcv on the plane and she commented to the friends that met her (and ultimately me since they gave me a ride into flores) that i am either very stupid or very brave. this because so few people speak english and my spanih is so limited.

still – i forge ahead. still i practice. still i sleep a lot as it is hotter than i anticipated.

my family is wonderful. the food is good though not great. my maestro is wonderful. the potential to see and expierence is great.

peace corps was good for me. it let me try out living someplace and see what it is like so it is less foreign to me. that said, i won´t be posting much. i want to stay in the moment here and experience what san andres, guatemala has to offer.


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2 Comments on yo estoy aqui

  1. Fishbone says:

    Soy muy feliz que usted ha llegado seguramente. Sea paciente con su aprender, y goce todo alrededor de usted. Yo, para uno, gozo viendo el mundo por sus ojos.

    Oh, my bad…should I have posted that in english…???

  2. linnea says:

    aren{t you just the smart one. i{ll have to add you to my list of friends i can practice my spanish with!

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