by that i mean rearends. mine. it should be really beautiful after this little jaunt south. i say that because of the hill that is a 60 degree incline that tapers off into a gentle 45 degree slope closer to the top. yeah…my lazy end has to climb that to get to the internet or to buy anything beyond chips or soap.

lucky me.

my mind is a swirl of all sorts of tidbits i´ve been wanting to write…and now they´ve fled me. frustration at my spanish journey has taken precedence. today was especially difficult as i am STILL tackling irregular verbs. and i feel so stupid. it all sounds so easy on paper but when i comes down to it i stutter like porky pig and get so frustrated it makes it all worse.

i wish i could skip over this part and get to the part where i sound less like a 2 year old.

2 year old or not, i listened to my brother lament about his girlfriend today. moreover, i understood most of what he said. it seems love drama of the young (and not so young) prevail in this fair city as well. never fret, all is well and he and is honey are back together. i sense there will be a seranade tonight (both brothers play multiple insturments…the guitar being my favorite).

at the store today i was greeted as negrita. not offensively so much as a distinction from the rest of the gringos floating around town. people always say it with a smile and i think i might have to take it on as one of my handles. it seems to be almost as intersting as my hair. there have been other negritas but i don´t think any of them have had my hair so wherever i go, people boing my twists and talk amongst themselves about how spongey it is.

i guess in some ways that is just like home…only i understand slightly less of what they have to say here unless they want me to understand.


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  1. Fishbone says:

    Negrita…now that's a classic!!

    La paciencia, mi amigo. no es el primer de luchar con el idioma. Hago todavía.

    Especially here at work.

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