No matter how small my world may feel, the people in it are huge. These looming figures that make an impact even when I least realize…and all the more when I know it is happening. And the older I get – time passing in a steady quickening stream- the more people there are to have an impact.

A few weeks ago I ventured to Baltimore for my peace corps reunion. Every two years we assemble ourselves in a specific location for no other reason than we shared an important time and as a result share a common bond. And they are family – complete with all the quirks that make families at once the same and unique in everyone’s life.

And upon my return I was met by a number of folks from my past assembling themselves into some event, conversation, destination, or experience in my present. People who I have thought of – or haven’t – over the years.

At once it takes me back. I am reminded of who I was 20 or even 2 years ago. The ways I have changed and the things that remain unchanged even as time flows by…taking concrete memories and leaving nostalgia in its wake.

I know the place all of these people hold in my past, in my head, in my heart. And though in so many ways it doesn’t matter, I can’t help but wonder what place I hold in theirs.

2 Comments on the past presently

  1. sza says:

    your place in my memories, my present, God willing, my future, and most importantly, my heart, is enormous. it’s almost scary, but more a wonderful blessing. i couldn’t imagine my life without you and lizzie in it.

  2. Harbeer says:

    Herb is holding his tongue. Herb is holding his tongue. Herb is holding his tongue. Herb is so very immature. So very. So so very.

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