i love food. no surprise there. and i adore dim sum/yum char. the tiny dishes of food. the random flavors that assault the tongue. the giddiness at fresh tea steaming aromatically in front of me. and of course a crowd of friends smiling and talking about whatever comes to mind.

make that an all you can eat expereince and i might just wet myself…or not. i might just have a wonderful morning on a dreary auckland sunday.

and so i found myself with a much smaller group than anticipated (we were due for 9 and ended up with 4) but what a group we were. four different countries (china, nigeria, kenya, and the us), various religions and even studies.

conversation was good and random. the food was the same. for two of my friends this yum char expereince was a first. one found it ok (he preferred the japanese food i introduced him to) but the other LOVED it…even with the modifications we insisted on (he can’t eat pork). and i was so thrilled to see him so thrilled. and i was so excited to have my friends together – eating and talking. reminiscent of my times back in dallas or houston or new york…the aroma of chinese food floating in the air and mingling with people i enjoy.

so far away and yet so close to home.

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