this was the first full weekend of parades. i don’t think most people realize that mardi gras is not just fat tuesday. instead it lasts for a while. plenty of time for folks to have beads thrown at them at parades, walk about with open containers, and listen to high school bands jam down the street.

2005 mardi gras i only managed three parades. one because i was invited by someone who went to famu ( i was new to town and didn’t know anyone so was thankful for the invitation), the second i had no choice because it ran down canal street in front of my apartment, and the last one because it was zulu…they throw coconuts…enough said…

i didn’t plan to hit any parades this time. the big party scene has never been my thing. even so i’ve been anti-social…partially because i don’t know a whole lot of folks (everyone has graduated from my day) and partially cuz i’m in that kind of mood. but when my girl invited me to a pre-parade gathering. as it turns out…it was a nice social gathering. i got into a geeky conversation with someone and random conversations among others. also made a tentative agreement for movies with two friends.

i brought no beads back…they mostly clutter…but the parade was worth the effort…not for the parade but for everything else.


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