morris walked leisurely over to S and i as we pondered which cake to buy as our gift to the family for their kind inviation to spend the weekend with them. we were in foodtown not at the bus station where we had planned to meet. but sandra managed to spot us from the road as we walked over. that is most amazing because sandra had never seen us before.

what she saw was two brown people entering the foodtown in hamilton and she assumed it was us.

 she was right. it was us. and that was the beginning of what i can only describe as a wonderous and relaxing weekend.

it started with a leisurely brunch and a chance to get acquainted. and from there we moved to the car and a beautiful drive through scenic new zealand. small towns with beautifully manicured gardens. and the crazy weather even cooperated and offered us sun for our journey.

we made our way to te aroha thermal pools and had a wonderous soak in naurally occuring soda water. it was relaxing and fun and from there we headed to wairere falls. more of a walk then we had time for we gazed from a distance and then headed back to te aroha for dinner. dinner was a wonderful family style buffet with more food than even i could handle.

we drove back home and watched some television and then fell blisfully to sleep.

sunday, we were greeted with a now smiling F (their son who wasn’t too thrilled with us the previous day) and preparations for a southern africa style brai. and since nigeria appartently doesn’t have a BBQ culture S was shown the ropes so he can start one up when he gets home.

all that ended with us being dropped off at the bus stations…hugs all around and a truly relaxing weekend wound down.


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