I haven’t done it in ages, probably since I left my apartment in new orleans (pre-katrina)…but I’m doing it now…jumping around with a remote control, swinging my wild hair (ready for washing) and dancing on chairs…I’m singing out loud. My roommate left the other day. Sad for me because she was a great roommate, but in her absence I have something I have something I haven’t had in almost a year…my own place.


I know it sounds silly, especially for my friends who live in new york city and have probably spent most of their adult life in shared apartments…but I’d been living on my own for 5 years before the hurricane. And just like that, blessed as I was, it was gone.


So it is an oddly freeing feeling right now to be playing rent, ani, linkin park and whoever else and singing along at the top of my off key lungs.

And before you scoff too hard, before you snicker at such a silly past time…try it out for yourself the next time you snatch a few moments to yourself…put in your favourite song, something silly or provoacative and way out of your voice range…think prince in his falsetto or meshell ndg’eocello when she is all throaty…and wail along with them. And if you don’t smile I’ll give you a refund.

2 Comments on off key

  1. Fishbone says:

    You have the Rent soundtrack??? I'm impressed…

    and you know I'm always singing, so glad to hear you've joined the club!

  2. LaDawn says:

    You've been down under too long "favourite"? I don't think so.

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