Linnea Ashley on January 31st, 2006

It seems corny when I write this – or earlier when I tried to convey it to friends –but in my head it is real and important and this blog is an extension of my brain so here goes.   I caught the last 15 minutes of whoopi goldberg back to broadway 20th anniversary the […]

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Linnea Ashley on January 31st, 2006

There is a thin line that separates my rights from yours. It is easy to miss it. Easy to assume that what works for me is ok because – as I so often put it –  “your rights stop where mine begin.” I realize now that the lilne is fuzzier and more fragile than I […]

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Linnea Ashley on January 27th, 2006

if Blues has a twang does that make it country? if country has an electric guitar does that make it rock? if rock has people talking over beats, does that make it rap? if rap is listened to by mainstream america does that make it pop? if pop gets inspired does that make it jazz? […]

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Linnea Ashley on January 25th, 2006

i’m becoming a blogging fool…check out this blog on abortion… 

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Linnea Ashley on January 24th, 2006

Brokeback article …read this and comment please…

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Linnea Ashley on January 22nd, 2006

It is this little thing; this little taken for granted thing…companions on the day to day journey that brings me to my life. If I really think about it – they – my friends scattered like Saharan dust over Africa – are my life. My friends. The ones I hold close to me now, who […]

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Linnea Ashley on January 22nd, 2006

The other night I heard a poet  that has resonated with me all day. She writes what I want to say in a way I wouldn’t mind taking credit for. Usually I hear poets and I like their stuff or don’t, but I seldom think to myself that I would have said it just like that. […]

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Linnea Ashley on January 22nd, 2006

Disturbed. All I can say is that woody allen disturbs me a little. His movies disturb me a lot. I left “match point”  feeling a lot like I did after I read a widow for one year.  It was the distinct feeling of driving, windows down, behind a garbage truck in the summer. I needed a […]

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Linnea Ashley on January 19th, 2006

A few days ago my friend shana was talking about how Americans make people into issues. Instead of people being without homes, they are homeless…their humanity stripped from them. Part of me maintains that currently we have “politically corrected” ourselves out of the ability to have real and meaningful exchanges without first consulting the up […]

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Linnea Ashley on January 17th, 2006

road trips… surrounded by my friends this weekend, i had a roadtrip. shana came down from cali, sarah from upstate, and together with liz, we all crowded into the car and headed for atlantic city. a place i didn’t realize i knew nothing about. it was a spur of the moment thing. three hours in […]

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