i admit i paid for it, though out of my head it is definitely a silly concept. i took a mudbath today. not just any gathered in my shoe or under your tires mud, straight from the mudholes…or so they say.

either way, strange though it is, it felt nice. the thermal mineral rich waters mixing with the silt and sticking to my skin. and when it was all over with i had an hour long massage.

it seems almost a waste given that in 9 days i’ll be on a plane for 16 hours and messing it all up again…but stress pervails and it is reverting anyway.

of course my day started and ended with an amazing meal. which leaves me here now…the only thing missing a good book (as i finished the kite runner this morning – after starting it yesterday morning – and this being a small town the stores were all closed by 5). so i’ll go stare at the idiot box a little longer so that by 9 – when it is finally dark – i can consider going to sleep.

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