This weekend was the beginning of my social butterfly stage. I’m not exactly sure what causes it other than lethargy…but whenever I’m about to move I get caught up in a whirl of social activities. All of a sudden my weekends are studded with events and the list of other things I need/want/ am supposed to do gets longer and longer.


Friday kicked it off with the spacifix concert (LOVE THEM) where, despite my old age I rocked it (albeit progressively quieter as time inched toward 2)! Saturday was all about recuperating and studying (kind of) and Saturday was off to the skytower to have lunch for a friend’s birthday. Stunning views and a good time.


Of course next week I’m spending the weekend with a friend in another town. The following week is dinner at a friends, a party the following week. Then the plan is to go canoeing now a river for three days…and that doesn’t include rotarua and the bay of islands…all things I still haven’t done. And my time is getting thinner and thinner. It is amazing how fast time goes when you realize you aren’t quite ready for “what next”.

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