let me start this with a heartfelt thank you to my family. when i changed my flight yesterday so i get to fort worth earlier and disrupted their planning they didn’t bat an eyelash. in fact, i was welcomed home with sushi and the chance to play with both of my nieces.

even so, i’m homeless and i know it.

not in the wandering way that i get a kick out of for months at a stretch – when everything is new and exciting and i’m learning about the world. rather, i’m the kind of homeless that is blessed to have a roof and food and all sorts of extra amenaties, but is the “guest” no matter how welcomed and loved. and i am both.

i am homeless in the sense that i don’t have a place to unpack my bags. in fact i don’t have one place to put all of my bags. i’m homeless (and now phoneless) in that this is all just temporary until i figure out what next.

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  1. Tiara E says:

    Welcome home. OK, so you are still living out of a suitcase. But home is where the heart is. You have homes all over the country. Little comfort when you want to be settled, I know. It's funny that as much as you travel, I didn't realize you even had a home base. I always thought you just like flying around, all willy-nilly, exploring the world with only enough to fit into a bag. So had a comfortable spot that was just yours, huh? You'll have one again. Call me…cell 214 802-8263. I'll be in Fort Worth most of Saturday for a volleyball tournament.

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