so today’s excursion was to the “evil empire”. they are down the street from me and i needed a few things so i figured i’d take a little stroll. five minutes in and i was waving casually to folks perched on their porches carrying on conversations with their neighbors – in true southern style – and checking out a continuation of the cuteness.

it is easy to miss the quaintness of new orleans sometimes. i get caught up in the car sized pothole or pile of gutted house debris on my street. the broken beads – remnants of mardi gras and st. patrick’s day parades.

but while strolling through it i can see how alive it is. how big the porches. how frequently their are big two person swings nudged this way then that in the spring breeze. and the yards, small and controlled, are in bloom. fragrant pink and white blossoms that have names that i’ve never known.

of course today i also ran into a reminder of the storm.

a few blocks from my house there it was, bleached into the asphalt:

we need food and water. sick baby. please help.

and just like that i was reminded..d.quaint or not this is still new orleans, full of beauty and history, joy and pain…

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