“do you like mangos?”

“in Sierra Leone we have different types,” Sierra Leone said. “there is one kind, sheep tongue, that—“

In interrupted him there, “sheep tongue?” I made a face, “That doesn’t sound like anything I want to put in my mouth.”

“not tongue, tone. T.O.N.E.”

“oh, that’s better,” I smiled.

“see, in Creole tone is testicles.”

“so your favorite kind of mango is named for sheep balls?” laughter was rising up in my chest and I was barely containing hysterics.

“when I first heard the name I wondered, because tone is a very crude word in Creole. So I bought it out of curiosity and compared it to a sheep’s…you know…” he paused here, “it does look like sheep’s tone,” Sierra Leone smiled deviously and added, “and they are delicious.”

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