the water is so blue.

driving out of cairns with brushy hills and farmland playing tag, the ocean emerged, seemingly from nowhere. all of a sudden the blue – slightly darker than the sky – cut a line across the horizon and a strip of gold – sexily curved like the latest she-star – hugged the perimiter.

and the australian coastline took shape. i haven’t been in the water yet…though i got to feel the warmth of 80 degree sun. may not sound like much, but winter so close to antarctica (as zed is) makes for cold times. i’m just thrilled let my legs see sun.

so tomorrow i tack on a few more ours to my now 15 1/2 hour trek across oceania. i’m in a cute town called port douglas and tomorrow i head north to cape tribulation. i hope the weather stays this beautiful and the reef showcases her beauty for my visit.

more when i have mor to give.

2 Comments on so blue

  1. [deleted] says:

    can i come visit? please…please.

  2. linnea says:

    come on through man…plenty of sunshine and blue waters for everyone!

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