My weekends have begun to blur…heck my weekdays have begun to blur. It used to be I didn’t work out because I was deeply and profoundly lazy. I’m still deeply lazy but now my not working out is much more the product of a busier life. All of a sudden I have stuff to do and people to see.

Last week I went to yoshi’s to see emeline michel, a Haitian singer who was pretty amazing to listen and dance to. She had one song that, despite being in Haitian Creole, moved me. Last weekend it was stern grove in the city where free concerts are a weekly staple throughout the summer.

This week was a throwback to my FAMU roots. We had a “be out day” and in true FAMU style perfect strangers became friends while bonding over memories of long lines and great times.

i went to a friend’s gathering on Sunday and that resulted in me extending my friend group just a little more…always a welcome thing as I carve out space for myself here in the bay area.

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