my mother and father are amazing people. everything good about me i owe to them…their love…their attention…their prayers for me and who they wanted me to become. i’ll claim what’s wrong as my own faltering but the good i give to them.

in that vein my wonderful parents drove 6 hours to new orleans yesterday and rummaged through my looted apartment to help me pick up pieces of my life that were strewn about. they loaded up the truck, had a quick lunch (bearing oreos that my co-workers enjoyed immensely!) and then promptly got back in the car before 3pm to make the drive back to houston.

now they are storing my stuff again…as they have been forced to do on and off for the past few years.

how do i say thank you…i guess it would be to find a place of my own and stop storing stuff at their house. but if they are annoyed they never let on. instead they gave me the hugs i desperately need, joked with me to fight back the tears, and braved the long road home.

if anyone wonders what love looks like, please take a good look into the face of my parents – trust me, you’ll understand then.


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3 Comments on thank you thank you thank you

  1. LaDawn says:

    I second that emotion!

  2. Fishbone says:

    I'd also like to agree with that statement. I don't see Mr. & Mrs. Ashley with great frequency, but when I do, I get the same big smile and cheek to kiss from your mother, and the firm handshake and hug from Mr. Ashley that have been customary for some time know. And having been a visitor to your home, I know that love definitely lives there…and there's scarcely room for anything else because of its presence.

  3. AJ says:

    can't really state it better than Fish did…but, i can add that Mr. Ashley has seen me awhile back and gave me the same firm handshake and hug as well. i miss your moms she is very nice and loving lady. and yes LOVE does reign in the ASHLEY household! they can even make a grumpy puss smile, the LOVE is too great to resist it. I pray my house will be like that when ever i get my own family to start…kinda GREEN with envy a lil, SMILE!

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