so friday night i decided to go to this concert. i met this english sista in the park on thursday and she was teaching me to poi (long chains with balls -sometimes on fire- on the ends that you swing and dance with) when we were approached about this concert. the flier grabbed my interest so i decided to go.

the flier said 9:30 which of course means much later…but i knew if i waited until later then i’d be asleep…not to mention i wasn’t sure if the “rule of tardiness” was the same here. and wouldn’t it suck for me to walk all the way down K street and find this spot only to discover i missed them.

so anyway, after sorting out the details of where i needed to go i tromped down K street – past the street i needed – but evenutally found it. the group, or some semblance of the 9 of them, was playing. very jazzy funky stuff. the room wasn’t very crowded and those gathered weren’t very enthusiastic. but the music was interesting and, well, actually music. there were horns and guitars and drums. and the singer…imagine this…he had a voice that could melt ice in the winter…i mean he had a set of pipes.

so a few songs later they said thank you and departed.

i missed it.

only they were just goofing off and the real show hadn’t started yet. a half hour or so later there was an organized dance opener (did i mention that this city is full of folks who can dance…i mean everyone…or almost everyone since i live here now!). then came a showing of the freshly finished video for sunshine day. brilliantly fun.

then came the spacifix !

9 people on stage having a great time. and the crowd, though not huge, was definitely enthusastic. singing along, dancing. it was at once exhilerating and relaxing to be sitting there listening to them.

turns out they are zed’s youngest professional group. and they were VERY professional.

this was their last perfermance at galatos for a while…they are headed to LA to gig, among other places. but if you like singing…without all the extra help, if you like instruments and seeing the people who are ACTUALLY playing them, if you like reggae, funk, hip hop with a little classic feel from the likes of sinatra and ray charles…well you can’t get any more specific than spacifix.

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