if Blues has a twang does that make it country?

if country has an electric guitar does that make it rock?

if rock has people talking over beats, does that make it rap?

if rap is listened to by mainstream america does that make it pop?

if pop gets inspired does that make it jazz?

if jazz isn’t heard does that make it silence?

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  1. AJ says:

    NICE, but here are my answers in the best of my minimal details:

    yes it does because blue and country aint nothing but kissing cousins!

    nope, it just make it country with a EDGE!

    yes, because rap adpats to beats like a chameleon does to nature, its just natural!

    most indeed, because anything listened to by mainstream is popular, hence the coined phrase, POP!

    no, it surely isn't, because jazz is rarely ever pop; how many people you know can understand jazz profoundness!?

    nope, because even without being played jazz sings and resonates deep in the soul!!!

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