no, not wal-mart or starbucks…i mean ikea.

i know i know, everyone loves ikea. ikea loves the environment and has simple and minimalistic packaging. and as expensive as they are they are still pretty affordable. but i loathe them. partially because when you walk in there are a million converts to the ikea god who think that nothing in the world is better…i mean they actually have tourists (despite having stores all over the world). add to that they tell you how to think. big white and blue arrows on the floor direct you around the maze of a store – any deviation can leave you lost and unable to find your way out. and then there is my disdain for being like the masses. take a gander at craigslist and you can see that owning anything ikea definitely puts you in with the masses.

even so…

thursday i found myself there. i made it as bearable as possible, i went on a rainy thursday and i’ve never seen it so empty. unlike my last visit i manged to escape with no tears of frustration and disgust.

i came out with a dresser and a $7 toolkit. i hated to do it but…four months in california and i was still living out of my suitcases. so friday night with the help of a friend, i put my dresser together and FINALLY my apartment is starting to look like a grown up lives here.

it is amazing what a few things on the wall, a rug, and a place to put your clothes, can do.

home sweet home…i’m still working on it.

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