so i’ve gone and done it. with only a few days before my departure i have finally broken down and joined the ranks of the trendy and wanna-be-trendy. i bought an iPod. i thought about getting yet another walkman…cd player with external speakers. but then i thought about the last batch of cds i lost in san diego. and then i thought about the ones i lost to the hurricane (read looters) and i decided that what the heck…i only own four things that are worth anything…my car is staying here, the other three are coming with me. and so music (and pictures…i got a nano) will be my only companion to kiwiland…any musical additions you’d care to share with me will be welcomed!

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  1. Fishbone says:

    welcome to the ipod community…LOL! I have a mini (read out of production) that has over 500 songs in it now (read, music critic)…but nothing can replace my cd collection! Oh, yeah, you wanted recommendations…uhhh, what do you like these days???

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