i have a couple of short notes about the past few days but i keep forgetting to bring them with me. instead i´ll tell you about right now.

right now i´m in flores, a cute city completely surrounded by the lake and reached only by a strip of road that leads to santa elena. it is a picturesque little town. a little touristy but still quaint. easily walkable.

the concept of english is still far fetched which is good because yesterday i spen the day speaking spanish to a shopowner. not a few minutes, but most of the day. the patience of people here boggles my mind. listening to me struggle and mutilate spanish is painful for me and i´m doing it.

even so, it was nice to have a warm shower – at least in theory as the water wasn´t not caliente as promised. i´ll have to search out a new place so that i can wash my hair and then study some for the coming week. i guess it was less stressful to talk to him because he doesn´t know how much work i´ve put in and i´m less concerned with him judging my progress. sad but true.

not much else going on…i´ll try to find my notes and post those later. i´ll have access to internet for teh next day or two so if you want to write me -now is the time.

much love!

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2 Comments on flores

  1. AJ says:

    i just noticced we posted at the same time…i am GLAD u are chapioning thru this experiece…thats why i always have had MAD admoration and respect for u…you do what u put your mind thru and you perservere like the QUEEN that i, and many of your friends and fam, know u are. but yea congrats on the majority of the day chat with the shop owner. kudos, miss ashley.

    so i see visiting wilderness and staying in wilderness is two DIFFERENT things to you, LOL. but you are still adjusting. maybe you can help me out…show me what i need to know about some spanis too…man i will wfeel wierd around you and your dad as you chat it up like 2 spanish pros!

    i will pray for you lovely, as always!!!


    ps-be blessed in everything that you do!!

  2. AJ says:

    i ment championing….i was missing an M

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