The ants have gone crazy. Maybe they’re thirsty. Maybe the heat has gotten to them. I’m not really sure, but this weekend I found myself drinking them as they tried to gather the sweet traces from the mouth of my water bottle – I’d been eating banana bread and they can smell even that. one or two ended up crawling up my arm and across my cheek before I realized what was going on. And of course, clumsy little devils, a handful slipped and fell into my nalgene bottle – that blue bastion between me and dehydration.

Water being what it is – a currently scarce necessity – I continued drinking and considered the little buggers an added protein source.

Then this morning while showering I saw a small trail of them walking across the shower wall. No big deal and not unusual. But then I looked beyond the shower curtain and realized there were actually hundreds of them. Think about a trail two feet long and four to six inches wide.

I’ve given up trying to hold them at bay in any conventional way. when I have sweets I put them in a container, on top of a cup that is sitting in a bowl of water. It is the only thing I’ve found that works…those suckers will even endure our refrigerator!

The spiders aren’t much better. They are slowly trying to take over my room despite repeatedly destroying their delicate dust-filled webs with a broom.

At least I’m never lonely…yeah…that’s what I’ll tell myself.

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2 Comments on crazy ants

  1. Kyla says:

    Can you post a picture of the ants in the shower? That sounds pretty cool/frightening!

    I had ant issues in the DR too, and I remember the only way to fool them was to put things in the middle of water. I also had issues with them crawling in my bed and biting me at night!

  2. sza says:

    eish! i’ve got the creepy crawly itchy feeling all over now… thanks for that! i love your sarcastic optimism! it rocks! make sure your insect crew don’t replace your real crew of friends here who are missing you tons!

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