the other night i dreamed…or rather nightmared…that i showed up to my speech for my rotary club without my powerpoint. i woke up frantic and determined to not let that happen. so i reminded myself over and over again and S reminded me over and over again.

so this morning as i prepared i checked for my presentation, my nametag, and the banner from my sponser club. everything was there as i prepared for work.

of course, being in auckland – home of the volcanoe induced hills – heels were not a good choice for walking to the shuttle. so i dawned my running shoes and threw my real shoes into my bookbag with all of my other stuff.

the day passed uneventfully and right before heading out to meet my ride i reached into my bag to pull out my shoes. what i came out with were two different shoes…kind of. one black one and one brown. both heels. unfortunatley, both for the right foot!

gotta love what dreams tell you…i can’t wait to dream about a happy windfall of money!

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  1. whitney a says:

    You should have used this as the icebreaker before you started you speech I am sure that would have given them a smile .

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