Bisexuality has been coming up in conversations, articles and shows in the last few weeks…now here it is in the NYTimes…I would love to hear any dialogue on this…


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  1. Dylan B says:

    I think this is interesting, because, in our ever-changing views on homosexuality and it's "causes" (re: born with it or choose it), bisexuality gets left out.

    If it exists is a tough question that I've gone back and forth on. Not being either homosexual or bisexual, I can't know for sure, but I wonder if the answer doesn't lie somewhere in the fact that we equate "sexuality" with "that which causes our reproductive systems to react," negating entirely the idea that sexuality involves the emotional connection as well.

    To that end, it is interesting that the article mentions questions as to if bisexuality exists, specifically in men, because it is harder to determine if it occurs in women. While I'm quite likely to bond, emotionally, with a man, it is not likely, for me, to bond with them in a way that is similar to romantic bonds. I'm not sure if it is so, but it seems with women that those lines can often be blurred a little more heavily.

    It's interesting… I think I'll write about this. Thanks for the link to the article.

  2. Dylan B says:

    Thought you might be interested in this.

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