it was a rough night…if i can even classify it as that. today is my big day…my last major exam and the day that two major assignments are due. yesterday i put in a big push and added a lot to one of my projects and i came home to work some more but was restless and tired. so by 12 i found something on tv to lull me to sleep. only sleep didn’t come. so i popped an antihistimine. no sleep.

come 3ish…i refused to confirm the time with a look at my clock…i finally drifted off only to wake up at 5:45 (unscheduled) and more awake then i wanted to be.

i managed sleep again and my alarm clock began summoning shortly thereafter…at 6:15 as scheduled. of course i didn’t heed her call and get out of bed until 7:30 and i have to trudge to the bus shortly…today was not the happy day i imagined…when all my school burdens float away. maybe tomorrow…maybe tomorrow…

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