Sometimes I marvel at the ability of people to be cruel. Not just the taunting of children on a schoolyard or the snubbing of a colleague at work, but truly cruel… preying on the grief of others cruel… attacking the defenceless cruel.


Apparently there is some Kansas based church group exercising their freedom of speech at funerals. While family and friends gather to mourn the passing of someone beloved…this church group stands around with signs assuring all that “god hates fags” and the like.


And I cringed; disbelieving that anyone was capable of assaulting the grieving because they don’t like the assumed politics or sexual orientation of the deceased. I can’t imagine how much strength it must take to walk past people screaming obscenities at a daughter’s funeral, a husband, a parent. How do you balance between the rage and the sorrow? The sense of having lost something an the sense of having something taken…right there…as you watch.


Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing…but oh how ugly those words can be.

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  1. Daniel T says:

    Even the notoriously right wing Sean Hannity from Fox News had to side against this. Wow what a grotesque way to abuse free speech. Apparently this church marched on American soldiers' funerals, with slogans such as "Thank God for Dead Soldiers."

    Wow, talk about barbarian.

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