my God it feels good to feel good again.

i’m settling in to my new home. and although things aren’t perfect (what would be the fun in that?) they are good and solid and primed for even better. i still don’t have furniture but i do have folks to hang out with. this weekend i got some folks from work together for dim sum…did i mention that there is dim sum everywhere (i just have to get a crew of faithfuls to plan regular outings).

and of course, the bay is just exotic enough to almost feel like a foreign country. i like that.

today was a professional development class down south and so i had a beautiful drive through crazy traffic to learn how to be a better supervisor.

like i said, nothing is perfect, but it feels so good to be out and about, making plans, following through…now if i could just find a couch…(yes i got a mattress so i should stop complaining but still!!!).

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