i watched splendor in the grass tonight. stayed up later than i need be awake to see its bittersweet finish. and i can’t get one of the last scenes out of my head.

not the famous shot of deanie – natalie wood – clad flawlessly in white walking beside bud – covered in oil; instead a short scene – maybe 30 seconds. deanie is driving away and bud returns to the house, passes his wife in the doorway and asks “when’s dinner?” she looks down and distant and her eyes hint tears. she knows bud loved deanie – loves deanie. he begins to walk into the house but catches sight of her tears and stops for a moment. catches her gaze and then kisses her in an earnest way.

the love of one does not replace the love of another – neither do they negate each other.

and it is the sweet to the bitter. unlike every hollywood story for the last few decades where one love trumps all others – trumps wedding vows and good sense. instead there is a moment there in the doorway that illustrates that love is nuanced and exists differently at different times and with different people. like a mood ring – changing to adapt to differences as they emerge.

and i’ve wondered…

knowing from experience that love doesn’t go away just because relationship can’t work – don’t – won’t…i am almost comforted by this old fashioned hollywood truth that it doesn’t have to. it doesn’t negate the loss but it does lend a smile to possibilities that lie ahead.

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