you’d think that since i speak english as my mother tongue…and since english is the national langague of zed…and since both countries have their histories nestled in with the queen’s…that language would be the last thing to confound me here. aside from the little things, like calling flip flops jandels and bathing suits togs, i didn’t expect any embarassement to emerge from language. nothing like south africa, where just learning to greet in northern sotho proved a task.

still, life is full of surprises. for instance, imagine my surprise when i casually told my host father that my real father was under the weather. he looked at me strangely, raised an eyebrow and then asked me what that meant in the US.

i told him it meant he wasn’t feeling well…my dad has a minor cold. he laughed out loud and then informed me that in zed, under the weather means a hangover. yep, nothing like telling folks your dad is 3 sheets to the wind without meaning to.

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    This is too funny. I love the phrase, three sheets to the wind. I also love the backdrop. I know you love blue, but green reminds me of you. Nebay

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