Linnea Ashley on May 28th, 2008

in previous iterations of myself i was a poet. if not poet – no less than a writer. the older i get the farther away it seems. just barely beyond my grasp. as far away as it feels to me it is the picture of me that some people carry. not a hairstyle, not a […]

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Linnea Ashley on May 26th, 2008

it was one of those days…loosely planned and righteously executed. a friend and i decided carnaval might be a good excuse to hang out again. two turned to five and the expected gray weather turned blue instead, sun warming our layers forcing removal of fleece and long sleeves. steeling glimpses of the parade, scantily clad […]

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Linnea Ashley on May 2nd, 2008

i’ve wanted to write for more than a week. so many things going on personally and beyond…but a friend of mine sent me this video and i finally got the chance to sit down and watch it…take 11 minutes and do the same. it isn’t the cause of my internal struggle but it does represent […]

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