the thing about life is that in some ways everyone is judging. everything is a courtroom appearance and you will either be vindicated or sent away. and it isn’t always as serious as all of that. sometimes it is just the look of contempt instead of being held in contempt.

but consider…job interviews- or board. dating. evaluations. potential friends…

they all come down to a call you make or someone else makes. a yes or no. a you or someone else…someone better. someone more.

does it fit? it isn’t just about fitting, it is about being the best fit. and so even as i mock gen Y parents for attempting to shield their little angels from a harsh world of judges…providing medals for all involvements. everyone makes cheerleading. 90 boys lined up on the sidelines for a football game.

and there is no rejection.

they are saving them the sensation of being judged and found unworthy.

only there is no escaping the gavel. the eyes that peer and weigh. the elation or deflation of being chosen. of not.

and so i met this week with potential boards. offered up my resume. my background. packaged with a bow for someone to decide yes. yes i am what they need. i have something to offer them.

and i wait…

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