i’m grumpy these days. i’m not really sure why…i could blame it on hormones or stress or the urge to break up my general routine but it all still settles into me being grumpy for some intangible reason.

and in the scheme of things…life is looking pretty good. i went down to tokaurua to conduct a focus group/group interview. and since this project is kind of my baby i took the lead – prepped the group on ethics, what we were gonna do, and the questioning. it was only half an hour but after so much theoretical work it felt nice to talk to people – to ask questions – to have more than hypothetical answers.

and where school is concerend, i only have 2 more classes – 2 more assignments – 1 final exam. of course that gets crowded out by me trying to figure out what my schedule should look like next semester. and trying to wrap my head around daily classes again. i’ve become quiet accustomed to having the month to myself. come january it will be back to the daily grind.

the grumpiness sometimes translates into a restlessness i can’t explain. sometimes a walk helps…but bed is such a comfy place and walking here puts you at risk for random and torrential downpours even when the skies look cloudlessly spotless.

mostly i think it is just a desire of my what next…and althogh to some degree i know…tulane awaits for at least one more semester…i still don’t know where i’ll live – or how (rents have skyrocketed from what i have read and been told). and a semester isn’t long…not in the scheme of life and life altering decisions. so i think part of my grumpiness is in wait…for what next…answers…and less abstract things.

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