never try out a new bra when you will be in it for two days. otherwise you will discover that it pokes you right in the fleshy part of your boob and the tender part of your underarm when you can’t do anything but suffer through it.

in other news…today was eventful…i spoke to professors, got to know part of the campus (not my part but that is neither here nor there). i think i found an apartment – it even has a phone where folks can reach me and internet where i can try the phone thing through cyberspace.

it is possible that i will move in as early as tomorrow. it is also possilbe that i will go to a rotary function bright and early at 8am tomorrow. i want to – i have to see if my body is willing. given that i have not slept since the wee hours of this morning…and that my body is about 21 hours off from my usual time…and that i walked EVERYWHERE ALL DAY TODAY…let’s just say i’m a little on the tired side. of course being so far south it is 8:15 and the sun is just beginning to think about setting…gotta love the summers here.

the weather was beautiful, the city international, the people friendly, and i am ready for bed.

more later when i can think.

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