it appears that the legacy of some words goes well beyond the borders of their origin. for my part, i have been privy to *igger in two countries and i am apparently preparing for a third (see above article).

however, what disturbs me more about this article is not the use of the word – but the ignorance behind the logic. it seems there is a group of folks in new zealand who are encouraging the maori to smoke, drink, gamble, eat badly and sex the days away…”because white people are trying to stop the maori from having fun”. it reminds me of the twisted thinking in south africa that leads some to say that “aids is America’s Idea to Destroy Sex”.

i’m not naive enough to think that everyone has my best interest at heart. at the same time, i am also aware that sometimes looking for conspiracy is counter productive. in matters of health…aids, cancer, diabetes…it is best not to rely on pills (as this article encourages) or wild ideas…but to err on the side of safety of the masses.

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  1. LaDawn says:

    Are you certain that isn't some kind of joke? I cannot believe that to be true. I' going to say that it is some kind of satirical piece that people have misunderstood. If for some reason I am wrong, please do not correct me. Leave me to my own denial. I can't take it otherwise.

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