the thing is…i waste time. not so much because i’m doing anything important, mostly because i’m thinking about how to do something well. at the very least better than what first comes to mind. it happens with essays, and article ideas…most recently it happened with the island reef job in australia.

i talked about it endlessly. i committed the deadline to memory. and i wondered out loud to strangers and friends alike what would be the best approach.

imagine my chagrin today when i looked online, ready to upload my still uninspired insistence that i should be the one considered for this job and found i had not thought through the time zone concept. and it is closed.

last year it was piss poor timing on the essay for the lealand hunger fellowship.

it seems the things i’m most excited about i somehow over-think and under-do.

i know the odds weren’t great but…i blog, i take pictures, i travel…and i hope one day to be able to do those things without having to contend with the rest of the world requiring rent. missing this deadline…this isn’t that time.


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  1. SR says:

    Advice: You should turn it in late. We learn from the process of having to write these things, and comparatively gain very little from merely thinking about them.

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