it has been three weeks since i last visited the gym. life got in the way in so many little ways. and last night, after work, although my intentions were pure and my gym bag hung over my shoulder, i still found myself watching friends instead of working out.

so i went to bed early…before 10pm…and this morning, much to my chagrin, woke up without an alarm clock at around 4:30. i tossed and turned in bed for half an hour before picking up the computer to see when the gym opens. i’ll be leaving shortly to try out an early morning workout. i haven’t done one of these since volleyball season of 1993!

as it is…i hope i can make this a habit. there are some classes i’d love to hit in the evenings but in terms of getting it done and out of the way…getting my cardio together and not having to pick between social life and healthy life…mornings might have to be my new routine.


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