when i was younger i didn’t really have a desire to go out much. in college i would throw pot-lucks and have a bunch of friends bring food (of course) and we’d crowd around my floor (i didn’t have much furniture) and talk about whatever came to mind.

and while i knew a slew of folks who also attended these little gatherings, they also shook their groove things pretty often – while my shaking was minimal (partially because my groove thing was much smaller then) and usually kept to special occasions.

it seems almost cruel now that i’m pushing 30 and my girls (at least the single ones) are scattered to the wind (or maybe that’s me) and i’m finally in the mood to shake what i’ve been given (it’s bigger now).

i feel this overwhelming desire to talk to strangers and dance until the wee hours of the morning and then sleep very deeply after breakfast at some dive that is my “usual” spot. i’ll have to work on that in guatemala.

is it possible to cultivate a spot in 6 weeks or less?


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  1. x0lani says:

    Now that you're deriving secret strength from your posterior, it should be a lot easier to find new people to dance til dawn with. The 30's are great that way. You're not cool anymore, but you don't care, which makes you cool, which attracts cool strangers. Personally, I think it only takes about three days to cultivate a spot if you talk to enough people.

  2. Fishbone says:


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