Linnea Ashley on November 27th, 2006

i’ll be returning to my temporary roots soon…and in doing so it is the time to begin searching for an apartment in new orleans. an easy enough task, craigslist is full of apartments of all kind…however the rent is the real stunner. i had heard about the skyrocketing prices of new orleans aprtments and such, […]

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Linnea Ashley on November 26th, 2006

when  ordered the fresh fish sandwhich from the little hole in the wall i couldn’t mask my excitement. i could have had a burger…but why? instead i had fish from the neighboring waters on a toasted bun. what i wasn’t prepared for was the beetroot that soaked my bread and fish read.   it still […]

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Linnea Ashley on November 21st, 2006

S and I are finding our time slimmer and slimmer. Not just in that my days are slipping away like dandelion fluff – but because events keep getting jammed in that little bit of time because there is no place else to jam them. No more putting off ‘til tomorrow because there are so few […]

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Linnea Ashley on November 19th, 2006

so for the end of year party at my office we had a thanksgiving celabration. my boss is american and there are a few of us roaming around and a few others that have spent enough time stateside to fall in love with our voracious appetites for food that will kill you. so today, paul […]

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Linnea Ashley on November 18th, 2006

nothing is in cement yet…and you all know me and spur of the moment planning…but it looks like i may be in freezing cold new york for new years. what that means is that if you are within train, bus or car ride of the big apple, i will expect o see you for a […]

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Linnea Ashley on November 15th, 2006

Tender moments depicted in high action high drama situations bug me. I’m not sure why. If I think about it rationally, the shadow of death probably does prompt your most basic nature. If nothing else the desire to be consoled – to prove you are alive to feel something more than fear in the face […]

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Linnea Ashley on November 11th, 2006

morris walked leisurely over to S and i as we pondered which cake to buy as our gift to the family for their kind inviation to spend the weekend with them. we were in foodtown not at the bus station where we had planned to meet. but sandra managed to spot us from the road […]

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Linnea Ashley on November 9th, 2006

It is amazing how much sound and scent can trigger an emotional response. I can’t help but wonder how I will remember new Zealand. Will it be in the scent of lavender? South Africa is clearly the smell of orange blossoms in the air…that and decomposing donkey on the side of the road – don’t […]

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Linnea Ashley on November 9th, 2006

150,000 iraqi dead. I wonder how it is that we haven’t truly kept track until now. The standard word on iraq is that this is not a war on the people of iraq – only the insurgents. But if that were truly the case we would mourn each civilian death there as we mourn our […]

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Linnea Ashley on November 8th, 2006

i’m staring out the window and gazing at what can only be described as “spastic” weather. New Zealand is the king of spastic weather. This morning the clouds were thick and by the time I walked outside the sun had come out but the wind whipped up into unbelievable gusts. And then rain fell from […]

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