i wasn’t sure she’d do it.

wasn’t sure she could do it. hyperegotosis is a serious condition that appears to run in the clinton family (except maybe chelsea who i really like for some reason).

but she did. and for the first time in a really long time, she looked human. she looked like she was feeling the loss not in a theatrical way but in a sincere way.

my dad thinks i can’t see hillary for who she is and what she represents. i told him this morning, before she spoke, that if she is the role model i’m to take and celebrate than he should have nixon (though in retrospect i think he should get marion barry).

no matter…i don’t think it is my bias. i think it is what she has shown me. and now i hope, for the sake of little girls everywhere as much as for herself, that she is on her way back to being what i once saw her as…a strong woman, a strong woman, so strong a woman.

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