it feels strange to be so close to home and still so far. when i’m gone – usually – i’m so far away that visiting isn’t an option or i’m close enough to drive home in a matter of hours. this west coast reality has thrown me a curve. flying home is conceivable but expensive. doable but time consuming.

as such, i try to attach my visits to work travel. when i did a gig in georgia i stopped over. and last time i was in oklahoma i did the same. it was the plan for this visit…only timing (a tuesday/wednesday trip rather than a monday or friday) and wedding thwarted those plans. so instead i find myself feeling oddly out of sorts.

to be so close to home…dallas less than 300 miles away…and i know it sounds crazy, it is almost 5 hours of driving. but i’m in the next state. i’m in the next state so in my world we should be having dinner tonight and my nieces should be deciding if today is a day that they will shower me with kisses or ignore my presence. either way…i’m too close to home to be this far away.

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