it is the rainy season here. lest the firt two weeks fooled me, the sky is mourning for some unknown thing…or maybe rejoicing in that soul wrenching way the human body takes liberties with on rare occasions. either way, the sky opened up this afternoon and poured out all she had onto the lake and surrounding areas.

it looked like a gray wall inching closer and closer. and then suddenly it was here. pounding on the tin roof with such force that it was almost starteling.

but for me it is neither scarey or distracting. it is sleep worthy.

some of the best sleep i´ve had in my life is under the thundering lullaby of rain meeting tin roof. in south africa it was my favorite sleep. it meant the summer days were slightly cooler and the night cocooned me in the constant sound of the earth replenishing herslef.

of course, the two hour nap i took today will take its vengance on me tonight when i´m trying to sleep. and with no book to entertain me it may be a long night. all the more because i am excited about my trip to livingston and rio dulce this weekend.

yesterday i learned a little punta rock and watched some traditional moves. this weekend i hope to go dancing and shake my groove thing garifuna style.

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  1. AJ says:

    Miss Ashley,
    glad to heear u are having a GREAT time!!! stay safe and blessed!


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