my brother in law was skeptical of my move west. he maintains that you can be happy anywhere so there was no reason for me to pick up and move across the country. i don’t disagree. i do believe, however, that it is easier to be happy some places versus others. that said…i’m adjusting to life here in oakland.

it is too early to shout the praises of this place. too early because there is so much i haven’t done. even so…i like the way i feel here. i like that i walk more. i like that i can ride public transportation to work. i like that i’m contemplating a bike, and that even in my neighborhood (which straddles MLK) good food is nestled into random places (or so i hear). i like that i know a few folks already and that i have family here.

that last point is interesting. i’ve never really been anywhere that had extended family there. i stay with my sister and her hubby a fair amount but folks who i haven’t seen in years…that is new. but tonight i saw how nice that can be. i met up with a cousin i haven’t seen in about 25 years and i hung out with her and other family members for the dedication celebration of her 9month old. and it was comfortable and homelike.

sometimes i take my sweet time following up on people. a bad habit i’ve been working ever since i made friends with my girl dede. well…ever since she made friends with me. we exchanged numbers at a friend’s function and i never called. she saw me months later (and recognized me!) at a restaurant and this time took my number and called me. we’ve been hanging out since then (at least when i’m in town or can lure her to wherever i am).

that said, i sent out emails to some of the nice and interesting folks i’ve met since i’ve been here…i’m hoping to cultivate some new friendships. and i followed up with family and am looking forward to doing that again. yeah…it feels good right now…no furniture and a distinct echo in my place but oakland feels a little teeny bit more like home.

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